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Summer Camp Sign Up

Updated: May 1, 2020

Summer Camp

Client Eligibility

1. Youth ages 7-14

2. lncome Criteria = Low and Moderate Income

3. Must be a resident of Jersey City

4. What need must youth have to be in your program - They should meet the age and residential requirements

5. What other criteria - The program will seek to attract at-risk participants within that age group and Jersey City resident.

Our Action Plan

1. Mission - The goal is to enhance the quality of life for youth, young adults and families by offering programs that address their physical, academic, economical and interpersonal needs.

2. Focus -To provide mentoring, workshops and encourage family participation that will expose youth to positive influences, ideas and forums for life planning, resistance skills against at risk behaviors, career planning, and referrals for supportive services as needed and other positive intervention community services.

3. Length of yourcommitment - 6-week summer program

4. Youth & family served - will come from the neighborhood, public schools within the designed site location.

Development Plan

1. Volunteers criteria - 21 years of age, positive role model, pass a background check and must enjoying working with kids.

2. Recruitment through the public school, family and friends, churches, community businesses, social media and newspapers.

3. Recruitment Volunteers - through colleges and universities, family and friends, churches, community business, social media and newspapers.

5. ABC will hold an Orientation for young people and families to go over its Mission, schedule of the summer program, youth activities, expectation of their participation, rules and regulations of the program and grounds for dismissal from the program.

6. ABC will hold an Orientation for Volunteers and Counselors to review ABC’s Mission, our handbook outlining the schedule of the program and activities, expectation of their responsibilities, grounds for dismissal.

7. Screening process of young people and families - Simple application process verification of address, proof of address, driver’s license, birth certificate

8. There is also a screening process for the Volunteers and Counselors - Simple application, driver’s license, background check, proof of residence, social security card, etc.

9. Topics during our Volunteers and Counselors training session include Rules of conduct, integrity, discipline, emergency procedures, attentiveness to the children, health and safety, no personal phone calls during work, mandatory attendance and team work.

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